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Bringing people together over drinks and treats is what we're all about here at Sweetness. Creating a space for people to connect face-to-face, catch up with friends both old and new, celebrate a win or ease a loss--- bottom line, we want you to enjoy being together while enjoying top-notch custom drinks and homemade treats. I mean does it get better than that? I think not.  Don't have time to sit and stay a while? We got ya covered... whip through our drive thru and grab your favorite drink & treat on the go! 


Speaking of top-notch drink and treats....consider it done.  Seriously. We're talking homemade, fresh squeezed, baked daily, real potatoes, actual berries in the cream cheese kind of top-notch. Check out all of the delicious details here:  



6408 W Hwy 146, Ste 1

Crestwood KY 40014



MON 10am - 6pm

TUES - SATURDAY 9am - 8pm

SUNDAY 10am - 6pm

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